Powerschool Student Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Powerschool Student Login:


Step by step instructions to the Powerschool Student Login:

1. Load up this URL in your internet browser: https://powerschool.cps-k12.org/public/. This, as mentioned earlier above, will be the same link as what you would need if you were logging in as a parent for PowerSchool.

2. Inside the text field under where it asks for username, enter your student username.

3. Underneath that field is another one titled password, in the space provided under the word "password" enter your password.

4. Click "Sign In" undeneath the password field in order to proceed to your student account.




Should there be any issues with getting logged in to your student account such as needing a new username or password reset, just follow the steps below:

1. Two lines under the sign in button there is a statement that is asking if you are having any trouble to log in. Click those words, or you can just also click here: https://powerschool.cps-k12.org/public/logonhelp.html

2. Follow their instruction note that they provide whether you attend a Cincinatti public school or not.



They don't seem to really provide very much for you in terms of clarity right? Well, seems that for right now they are passing all of their issues through one area only which is their help desk. Listed below is the information that you will need to contact their help desk should there be any issues you maybe be having regarding your login credentials for this site.

Help Desk

513-363-0390 or helpdesk@cps-k12.org


We would also like you to just be aware that, coming sometime in September 2013, there is expected to be a site change with possibly separate procedures and a different site for the parents. Continue to check back here with us to make sure you are up to date with their login processes.